This is a home brew campaign setting that takes place in and around the City of Vollandar. The city sits on the banks of a mighty river known as The Blue Wall, a natural boundary that separates the great Syraxian Empire from the untamed and unexplored lands known as the Scolandi Wilds.

The campaign is currently on hiatus until early January 2014. There are currently two players involved in the campaign and we are looking for one or two more to join us. Emphasis in this campaign is on role play and narrative description. Those seeking games with heavy tactical combat elements will probably not be satisfied with this campaign. While combat can and does occur, it is not the primary focus of this campaign where the characters will likely find themselves in a city embroiled in political intrigue and infighting.

Players are not limited, however, to within the city walls and there is ample opportunity for exploration of the untamed Scolandi Wilds or involvement in the various small towns and villages that dot the area. Vollandar is a place where civilization and the frontier collide, sometimes with explosive results. Ultimately the campaign will go where the players decide to take it.

First Vollandar

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