First Vollandar

Sixth Session

Returning to Vollandar the PC’s deliver Vincent and the head of Tamara to the Akashic Tower and receive a payment of 150gp which they divide among themselves setting aside a portion to Sir Steele.

The party visits the barracks that Sir Steele provides for his adventuring parties and find spartan accommodations. The barracks amounts to little more than a bay filled with approximately eight beds. There are foot lockers at the foot of each bed, four of which appear to have locks on them while the other four appear to be empty. Aside from the beds there is a small wooden table and some chairs.

They make their way to the Feisty Ogre Tavern where they present themselves to the bartender as some of Steele’s men at which point they are provided a basic meal, compliments of their patron. The members of the party spend some time discussing their pasts and their hopes for the future and then decide that it is time they complete their quest for the Akashic Order and find L’Varr.

The party visits a barracks where they believe they can find Katlyn Hudson, the contact described to them by Lady Kendar. At the barracks Charlie immediately notices that the sergeant casually sitting at one of the tables is missing part of his left ear. This is significant to Charlie as he bit the ear off of a guard that attacked him during one of the cities Purges.

Making contact with Katlyn they find that she is not a full fledged Akashic Inquisitor yet and is currently assigned to the City Guard. She informs them that the watch brought in a petty thief recently and during questioning he had mentioned something about a halfling that matched the description of L’Varr. Katlyn takes the party back to the jail cells where they find a man named Aedman Grife. Though they initially have difficulty getting Aedman to talk, he becomes more cooperative once he discovers that Kiernan has been a victim of the Purge in the past; an experience he has in common with Kiernan.

Aedman tells the PC’s that he was at a tavern called “The Hogs Breath” attempting to fence some goods to a man named Zepher. When was there he encountered a halfling that matched L’Varrs description and he mentioned the halfling had rotten teeth and horrible breath.

The party makes their way to the Hogs Breath Tavern, a wretched dive bar located in the slums of the city. Charlie has another encounter with a person from his past named Claire, a young woman he was associated with who was with him on the night of the Purge. Claire is surprised to see Charlie and explains that she thought he was dead. She tells him that she can’t speak much at the moment since she is working on something for a man named Zepher, but she provides Charlie with directions to her house in Vollandar and promises to meet up with him later.

While Charlie is speaking with Claire the others notice a halfling enter the tavern and make his way to the bar. Kiernan moves to block the door while Dlarun attempts to get closer and try to identify the man. As Kiernan moves in he notices that the halfling looks a lot like L’varr however he has a full set of healthy teeth and his breath does not stink so they determine that this is not the halfling they are looking for.

The party leaves the tavern as the sun is setting on Vollandar. They notice that the streets are largely empty when they are beset by a group of thugs claiming they believe the party has been asking around about things they have no business asking about.

Fifth Session

Dlarun, Charlie, and Kiernan all manage to reunite at a tree where they had tied up Vincent, but they have no time to rest as they notice the fire at the camp has begun to spread rapidly and is heading in their direction.

The Party cuts down Vincent and mull over whether there is a way to stop the fire either by putting it out or creating a path that will redirect it or at least slow it down. Unable to come up with anything, the party flees. The fire gains on them at an alarming pace and they are barely able to stay ahead of it. Vincent begins to hack and cough and falls the ground with Kiernan dragging him along. The smoke is becoming unbearable.

The party manages to change direction and barely avoids the fire as it burns through the Scolandi Wilds. A short time later they find themselves in the midst of a torrential downpour of rain as they attempt to get some rest. The rain makes rest nearly impossible, however, and they awake in the morning only slightly better off than they were the night before.

The party trudges into Clear Creek and make their way to the Drunken Logger Tavern only to find that they are greeted as heroes. One of the female prisoners named Lilly that had escaped returned to town to tell of the party’s heroism. They are given room and board for the night. Kiernan attempts to find out more information about L’Varr from the barkeep but the barkeep doesn’t seem to know much about him, only that he showed in town, bought some things from the local general store and then left. He suggests the party talk to the general store clerk.

While Charlie and Kiernan retire for the evening, Dlarun makes his way to the common room to enjoy a drink and he is greeted by Lilly who shows great interest in him and his story. Lilly seems to find Dlarun exotic and interesting and wants to know everything about him.

The next day the party goes to the general store to speak with the clerk there and he informs them that a halfling had come in and bought some items, but he made no mention of where he was going. He said the halfling made it a point to keep to himself while he was in Clear Creek but suggested the party check in at the Town Hall.

The party takes a quick detour and visits Sarah Killough to give her the bad news that they were unable to find her husband, and that they believe he is dead. Sarah is heartbroken but understanding and the party suggests that she could take Vincent’s place as a driver for the loggers.

At the Town Hall the party receives a message from Lady Kendar informing them that contacts in Vollandar suggest L’Varr may have returned to the city and that he may have been spotted there. Lady Kendar informs them that she is unable to respond to the situation as she is in Voscandi on business but she gives them a point of contact in Vollandar.

The party heads north along the trail to Dorn’s Keep and then east toward Vollandar. That night Pumpkin is beset by three dire bats. The party engages the bats and manages to dispatch them relatively easily.

Fourth Session
Massacre of the Bloody Axe Orcs

Following the tracks of the orcs from the ambush site the party comes across an orc encampment. Kiernan scouts ahead and identifies at least twenty orcs and a cage containing human females though he is unable to determine if Tamara is among them.

The party hatches a plan to get close to the orc camp by travelling in the canopy of the forest. Charlie sends Pumpkin to the camp to determine if Tamara is there and the raven returns squawking and carrying on to indicate that he has seen her there. Charlie trains his raven, Pumpkin, to carry a coin that he will cast light on to cause a distraction within the orc camp and perhaps give the party time to rescue the prisoners.

Things do not go entirely according to plan, however, as they get closer to the camp they can see that there is a large bonfire near the center of the camp and the orcs are dancing around and shouting as though performing some sort of war dance. The orc chieftan stands overlooking the reverie and soon a human woman that matches the description of Tamara emerges from a large tent dressed in what appears to be a robe made of bones.

An pair of orcs approach Tamara and kneel before her; she slaps them and grunts something then motions to the prisoners. The orcs violently remove two female prisoners and begin dragging them to some nearby tents. Kiernan slips down a rope and successfully sneaks into the camp. Kiernan gets the jump on the first orc in the tent as the orc is approaching a cowering human woman and he kills him, he then repeats this with the second orc, killing both without calling the attention of the orcs. The women flee out of the back of the tents.

No other orcs move to take prisoners from the cages and Kiernan sneaks back up the rope and rejoins the party. The party decides to take out Tamara quickly and they fire a volley of arrows/crossbow bolts down at her, taking her down and she falls to the ground with blood beginning to pool around her. The chieftan lets out a war cry and drags Tamara into the large tent near the fire while the other orcs scramble to find out where the attack is coming from.

The orcs make a common mistake and for several rounds fail to look up into the trees around them. The PCs go on a killing spree as the orcs try in vain to throw their javelins into the trees to skewer the party. With the party’s advantageous position and the orcs’ lack of intelligence the party takes a heavy toll on the orcs until the chieftan finally reemerges from the tent and calls the orcs back. By this time several orcs and been killed and some have fallen through the fire and into nearby tents setting them ablaze. In addition the orcs have attempted to set the tree that the party is in on fire.

The orcs have retreated out of range of the party’s ranged weapons and the orc chieftan begins taunting and calling them out. The party knows that they need proof of Tamara’s death and so they get down from the tree and approach the chieftan. The chieftan and the orcs emerge and the chieftan challenges them to one on one combat. However, Charlie casts an entagle spell and wraps up the remaining orcs in vines while Dlarun sets them ablaze.

Kiernan engages the chieftan with a quick succession of brutal strikes with his boarding axes, but the chieftan stands his ground and in one blow takes Kiernan to the ground with his great axe. Seeing this Charlie runs away into the forest while Dlarun runs to the tent. Dlarun sees Tamara’s lifeless form on a cot in the tent and can see that she appears to be heavy with child. Dlarun finds an axe in the tent and removes Tamara’s head, placing it in a sack before he flees.

Kiernan is bloodied and beaten with a savage wound on his shoulder where the axe came down; he rolls over and manages to take a drink of a cure potion which brings him back from near death but the orc chieftan stands over him. Rather than killing him though, the chieftan helps Kiernan to his feet impressed by the party’s abilities. The chieftan wants Kiernan and the others to join him, he believes that with the party’s intelligence and tactical planning he can dominate the other tribes in the area.

Kiernan refuses the offer and instead calls out for rangers that aren’t there to attack which provides just enough distraction for him to flee. Kiernan escapes leaving an enraged orc chieftan and a camp ablaze. All told the party took out eighteen orcs nearly wiping out the small tribe of warriors.

Third Session

Sent by Sir Steele, Kiernan Ome Ochi joins the party in Clear Creek and their first stop is the Drunken Logger Tavern in an effort to gather information regarding Vincent Taggert, one of the wanted men. They find the tavern to be empty save for the barkeep; most of the townsfolk are out taking care of daily duties and the loggers that frequent the tavern are on the job.

The party speaks with the barkeep and discovers that a man matching Vincent’s description has been in town and the barkeep believes he works as a driver for one of the logging teams. Armed with this information the party makes their way to the stables in an attempt to track the wagons used by the teams to haul wood. They find several sets of tracks that head west toward the forest, but one set of tracks in particular appears to be relatively fresh when compared to the others. Following the fresh tracks the party comes upon a logging team working on the edge of the Scolandi Forest.

As the party approaches the loggers a man that had been sitting on a horse drawn wagon sees them and stands up, when he does so the team notices he is very gaunt and wiry and his limbs appear abnormally long. The party asks the man his name and he tells them that his name is Colin Piper, but the party detects hints of deception, the man appears very nervous, and he easily matches the description of Vincent Taggart.

Kiernan lunges at the man and takes him down where he holds him while Dlarun places the arcane collar given to them by Lady Kendar around the mans neck. When he does so the runes etched on the collar flash with bluish white light and the man begins to plead with them to let him go. The loggers stop their work and approach armed with axes demanding to know why the party has detained their driver. The party manages to talk their way out of a confrontation with the loggers and the loggers reluctantly return to work and allow their driver to be taken into custody.

As the party leads the man back to Clear Creek he continues to plead with them to let him go. He explains that he was an unwilling participant in the escape and that he had to run because during the escape an inquisitor and several guards were killed after which the guards/inquisitors began killing everyone whether they were attempting to escape or not. Vincent ran and came to Clear Creek with two other escapees: Tamara and L’varr. Vincent claimed that Tamara and L’varr left Clear Creek and as far as he knew they went into the Scolandi Wilds. He tells them that Tamara had left with the local trapper named Shane Killough a few weeks ago and the trapper has failed to return. The trapper’s wife, Sarah, is beside herself worried to death about her husband.

The characters begin discussing what they plan to do with Vincent and whether they want to take him along while tracking down the other two or if they should take him to Vollandar first. At one point the discussion turns to the possibility of killing him at which point he attempts to flee. Dlarun casts a quick spell and a trio of lights appears in front of Vincent which causes him to stop short and lose his footing. Vincent falls to the ground and Kiernan is immediately on him tying a rope to the collar.

The party returns to Clear Creek and asks about Sarah Killough at the local general store and the clerk there directs them to Sarah’s hut. The party finds Sarah at her hut where she gives them a map of the various traps that her husband had set. Sarah explains that this woman had asked her husband to escort her through the forest to some unknown location and he agreed to do so but that was several weeks ago and he has failed to return. Sarah doesn’t know if her husband ran off with the woman or if he has met some sort of untimely end. The party gives Sarah a gold piece to help her and her young daughter, Jan, a small blonde haired, blue eyed girl as Sarah claims they have no way of making a living without her husband.

The party makes their way into the Scolandi Forest but soon finds that night brings almost utter darkness as the thickness of the trees blocks out the light from the moon/stars so they decide to make camp for the night; they tie Vincent to a tree.
During Dlarun’s watch he notices Vincent fumbling around messing with the rope. Dlarun confronts Vincent and Vincent attempts to convince Dlarun to just cut the rope and let him go; he pleads with Dlarun hoping to gain some sympathy but Charlie and Kiernan wake up and overhear the conversation. Kiernan cuts the conversation short telling Vincent to simply run already so he can shoot him. They threaten Vincent with death if he continues trying to escape and Vincent tells them that he will not attempt to escape again. Kiernan, growing weary of Vincent’s whining, gags him with a bandana.

The next day the party sets out for the trap area marked furthest on the map and when they arrive they notice there is a trap with a dead squirrel or small rodent in it which appears to have been there for a few weeks. They don’t have much time to look around as they notice humanoid figures attempting to sneak up on them and surround them. The party draws their weapons in time for a group of orcs to spring forth from the foliage around them.

The party kills the orcs but notices that Vincent is no longer in sight; they see the foliage rustling and hear the sound of feet running away from them. Kiernan throws a javelin that he picked up off of one of the dead orcs but the concealment of the forest prevents him from getting a clear shot. Dlarun fires his crossbow and the bolt connects. Vincent stumbles and falls, a crossbow bolt buried into his lower back/side. Kiernan drags Vincent back to the site and the party makes it clear to Vincent that another attempt at escape will result in his death.

Second Session

The PC’s drop off the cargo in Clear Creek and oddly enough the man that they deliver the supplies to is satisfied and claims that everything is accounted for even though one crate was stolen and they noticed that two other crates were never unloaded. The characters dismiss this and decide not to pry.

They notice a group of villagers are making their way to the town hall and several are carrying babies and young girls with them. The characters ask a passing woman what is happening and the woman states that the Akashic Order is in town and that they have ordered the townsfolk to brink all girls to the town hall. Devin’s character knows that the Akashic Inquisitors are all female but he knows little about their recruitment practices.

The PC’s decide to investigate and go to the Town Hall where they see a trio of women. One is dressed in a chain shirt armor and wears a red cloak. The other two wear scale mail armor and have black cloaks but all three have the symbol of the Akashic Order on their armor (a pyramid with an eye similar to what is found on the dollar bill). The woman in the red cloak is speaking with a man who appears to be the mayor.

The villagers form three lines and present their young girls to the three women who inspect them and then have them move on and leave the hall except for two; an infant and a toddler about three years old. The infant and toddler are taken from their mothers with no explanation.

Charlie chooses to leave and decides not to interfere in the situation but Devin’s character decides to investigate further. He approaches the women and asks about the toddler. He is promptly told by the woman in the red cloak that it is none of his business. Sensing his magical aptitude the woman demands his “papers” which he provides. She then introduces herself as Lady Kendar and offers him a job hunting down three escaped apostates.

Devin’s character tells her that he would have to think it over and talk with his companion before he can make a decision. Devin’s character goes to the Drunken Logger Inn/Tavern and finds Charlie keeping an eye on Vincent and Travis who are in the process of getting drunk again.

The PC’s have a conversation about whether they want to work for the Order or not. Devin’s character has some ale, has a meal, and gets a room at the inn while Charlie sleeps in a tree just outside of town.

In the morning the two meet at the wagons and decide they will go and see the Inquisitors about the job. They meet Lady Kendar at the town square where she presents them with three bounties and offers them ten gold pieces for each one they bring back alive or five gold pieces for each one they bring back dead.

Charlie thinks that he may have recognized one of the bounties at the tavern the night before and so they decide to start there.

First Session

In the first session the PC’s began the adventure in the city of Vollendar at the Frisky Ogre tavern where they met Sir Gavin Steele, their patron. Sir Steele has hired them to form an adventuring company of sorts where he assists them in finding contracts and they fulfill a series of jobs. The characters agreed to a base pay of 4gp and also agreed to take on their first mission which was to escort a pair of wagons loaded with healing supplies bound for the village of Clear Creek.

The heroes left to join up with the caravan the next morning. The caravan included a caravan master named Carl, who likes to order the characters around and make them do extra work. A pair of brothers named Vince and Travis are the drivers of the wagons.

The caravan travels across the mighty “Blue Wall” and head south once they reach the western coast of the river. Along the way they meet up with the legendary Crimson Lancers who appear to be returning from a battle of some sort. The Baron himself leads the column of soldiers and it is readily apparent that his men are disciplined and loyal to him.

The caravan arrives in a small hamlet named Varn about half a days travel south from Vollandar and are beset by a mob of gnomish gypsies begging for coin. A group of gnomes try to use the distraction to their advantage and steal crates from the wagons but Devin’s character catches them. the gnomes appear to be led by a rougish looking gnome who tries to assure the characters that it was all a big misunderstanding.

That night the PC’s are left to guard the wagons while Carl, Travis, and Vince all go off to do their own thing. Vince stumbles back to the wagons drunk and causes a bit of a stir and then a pair of gnomes attempt to sneak into the wagons and steal crates but Charlie catches them and runs them off. The next day, however, they do an inventory and one of the crates is missing.

The caravan continues west toward Clear Creek and half way there they are ambushed by a group of goblins led by a small figure mounted on a dog of some sort. The PCs defeat the goblins and manage to hit the small figure which looks something like a gnome in the arm with a crossbow bolt before the gnome flees.

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