First Vollandar

First Session

In the first session the PC’s began the adventure in the city of Vollendar at the Frisky Ogre tavern where they met Sir Gavin Steele, their patron. Sir Steele has hired them to form an adventuring company of sorts where he assists them in finding contracts and they fulfill a series of jobs. The characters agreed to a base pay of 4gp and also agreed to take on their first mission which was to escort a pair of wagons loaded with healing supplies bound for the village of Clear Creek.

The heroes left to join up with the caravan the next morning. The caravan included a caravan master named Carl, who likes to order the characters around and make them do extra work. A pair of brothers named Vince and Travis are the drivers of the wagons.

The caravan travels across the mighty “Blue Wall” and head south once they reach the western coast of the river. Along the way they meet up with the legendary Crimson Lancers who appear to be returning from a battle of some sort. The Baron himself leads the column of soldiers and it is readily apparent that his men are disciplined and loyal to him.

The caravan arrives in a small hamlet named Varn about half a days travel south from Vollandar and are beset by a mob of gnomish gypsies begging for coin. A group of gnomes try to use the distraction to their advantage and steal crates from the wagons but Devin’s character catches them. the gnomes appear to be led by a rougish looking gnome who tries to assure the characters that it was all a big misunderstanding.

That night the PC’s are left to guard the wagons while Carl, Travis, and Vince all go off to do their own thing. Vince stumbles back to the wagons drunk and causes a bit of a stir and then a pair of gnomes attempt to sneak into the wagons and steal crates but Charlie catches them and runs them off. The next day, however, they do an inventory and one of the crates is missing.

The caravan continues west toward Clear Creek and half way there they are ambushed by a group of goblins led by a small figure mounted on a dog of some sort. The PCs defeat the goblins and manage to hit the small figure which looks something like a gnome in the arm with a crossbow bolt before the gnome flees.


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