First Vollandar

Second Session

The PC’s drop off the cargo in Clear Creek and oddly enough the man that they deliver the supplies to is satisfied and claims that everything is accounted for even though one crate was stolen and they noticed that two other crates were never unloaded. The characters dismiss this and decide not to pry.

They notice a group of villagers are making their way to the town hall and several are carrying babies and young girls with them. The characters ask a passing woman what is happening and the woman states that the Akashic Order is in town and that they have ordered the townsfolk to brink all girls to the town hall. Devin’s character knows that the Akashic Inquisitors are all female but he knows little about their recruitment practices.

The PC’s decide to investigate and go to the Town Hall where they see a trio of women. One is dressed in a chain shirt armor and wears a red cloak. The other two wear scale mail armor and have black cloaks but all three have the symbol of the Akashic Order on their armor (a pyramid with an eye similar to what is found on the dollar bill). The woman in the red cloak is speaking with a man who appears to be the mayor.

The villagers form three lines and present their young girls to the three women who inspect them and then have them move on and leave the hall except for two; an infant and a toddler about three years old. The infant and toddler are taken from their mothers with no explanation.

Charlie chooses to leave and decides not to interfere in the situation but Devin’s character decides to investigate further. He approaches the women and asks about the toddler. He is promptly told by the woman in the red cloak that it is none of his business. Sensing his magical aptitude the woman demands his “papers” which he provides. She then introduces herself as Lady Kendar and offers him a job hunting down three escaped apostates.

Devin’s character tells her that he would have to think it over and talk with his companion before he can make a decision. Devin’s character goes to the Drunken Logger Inn/Tavern and finds Charlie keeping an eye on Vincent and Travis who are in the process of getting drunk again.

The PC’s have a conversation about whether they want to work for the Order or not. Devin’s character has some ale, has a meal, and gets a room at the inn while Charlie sleeps in a tree just outside of town.

In the morning the two meet at the wagons and decide they will go and see the Inquisitors about the job. They meet Lady Kendar at the town square where she presents them with three bounties and offers them ten gold pieces for each one they bring back alive or five gold pieces for each one they bring back dead.

Charlie thinks that he may have recognized one of the bounties at the tavern the night before and so they decide to start there.


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