First Vollandar

Fifth Session

Dlarun, Charlie, and Kiernan all manage to reunite at a tree where they had tied up Vincent, but they have no time to rest as they notice the fire at the camp has begun to spread rapidly and is heading in their direction.

The Party cuts down Vincent and mull over whether there is a way to stop the fire either by putting it out or creating a path that will redirect it or at least slow it down. Unable to come up with anything, the party flees. The fire gains on them at an alarming pace and they are barely able to stay ahead of it. Vincent begins to hack and cough and falls the ground with Kiernan dragging him along. The smoke is becoming unbearable.

The party manages to change direction and barely avoids the fire as it burns through the Scolandi Wilds. A short time later they find themselves in the midst of a torrential downpour of rain as they attempt to get some rest. The rain makes rest nearly impossible, however, and they awake in the morning only slightly better off than they were the night before.

The party trudges into Clear Creek and make their way to the Drunken Logger Tavern only to find that they are greeted as heroes. One of the female prisoners named Lilly that had escaped returned to town to tell of the party’s heroism. They are given room and board for the night. Kiernan attempts to find out more information about L’Varr from the barkeep but the barkeep doesn’t seem to know much about him, only that he showed in town, bought some things from the local general store and then left. He suggests the party talk to the general store clerk.

While Charlie and Kiernan retire for the evening, Dlarun makes his way to the common room to enjoy a drink and he is greeted by Lilly who shows great interest in him and his story. Lilly seems to find Dlarun exotic and interesting and wants to know everything about him.

The next day the party goes to the general store to speak with the clerk there and he informs them that a halfling had come in and bought some items, but he made no mention of where he was going. He said the halfling made it a point to keep to himself while he was in Clear Creek but suggested the party check in at the Town Hall.

The party takes a quick detour and visits Sarah Killough to give her the bad news that they were unable to find her husband, and that they believe he is dead. Sarah is heartbroken but understanding and the party suggests that she could take Vincent’s place as a driver for the loggers.

At the Town Hall the party receives a message from Lady Kendar informing them that contacts in Vollandar suggest L’Varr may have returned to the city and that he may have been spotted there. Lady Kendar informs them that she is unable to respond to the situation as she is in Voscandi on business but she gives them a point of contact in Vollandar.

The party heads north along the trail to Dorn’s Keep and then east toward Vollandar. That night Pumpkin is beset by three dire bats. The party engages the bats and manages to dispatch them relatively easily.


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