First Vollandar

Fourth Session

Massacre of the Bloody Axe Orcs

Following the tracks of the orcs from the ambush site the party comes across an orc encampment. Kiernan scouts ahead and identifies at least twenty orcs and a cage containing human females though he is unable to determine if Tamara is among them.

The party hatches a plan to get close to the orc camp by travelling in the canopy of the forest. Charlie sends Pumpkin to the camp to determine if Tamara is there and the raven returns squawking and carrying on to indicate that he has seen her there. Charlie trains his raven, Pumpkin, to carry a coin that he will cast light on to cause a distraction within the orc camp and perhaps give the party time to rescue the prisoners.

Things do not go entirely according to plan, however, as they get closer to the camp they can see that there is a large bonfire near the center of the camp and the orcs are dancing around and shouting as though performing some sort of war dance. The orc chieftan stands overlooking the reverie and soon a human woman that matches the description of Tamara emerges from a large tent dressed in what appears to be a robe made of bones.

An pair of orcs approach Tamara and kneel before her; she slaps them and grunts something then motions to the prisoners. The orcs violently remove two female prisoners and begin dragging them to some nearby tents. Kiernan slips down a rope and successfully sneaks into the camp. Kiernan gets the jump on the first orc in the tent as the orc is approaching a cowering human woman and he kills him, he then repeats this with the second orc, killing both without calling the attention of the orcs. The women flee out of the back of the tents.

No other orcs move to take prisoners from the cages and Kiernan sneaks back up the rope and rejoins the party. The party decides to take out Tamara quickly and they fire a volley of arrows/crossbow bolts down at her, taking her down and she falls to the ground with blood beginning to pool around her. The chieftan lets out a war cry and drags Tamara into the large tent near the fire while the other orcs scramble to find out where the attack is coming from.

The orcs make a common mistake and for several rounds fail to look up into the trees around them. The PCs go on a killing spree as the orcs try in vain to throw their javelins into the trees to skewer the party. With the party’s advantageous position and the orcs’ lack of intelligence the party takes a heavy toll on the orcs until the chieftan finally reemerges from the tent and calls the orcs back. By this time several orcs and been killed and some have fallen through the fire and into nearby tents setting them ablaze. In addition the orcs have attempted to set the tree that the party is in on fire.

The orcs have retreated out of range of the party’s ranged weapons and the orc chieftan begins taunting and calling them out. The party knows that they need proof of Tamara’s death and so they get down from the tree and approach the chieftan. The chieftan and the orcs emerge and the chieftan challenges them to one on one combat. However, Charlie casts an entagle spell and wraps up the remaining orcs in vines while Dlarun sets them ablaze.

Kiernan engages the chieftan with a quick succession of brutal strikes with his boarding axes, but the chieftan stands his ground and in one blow takes Kiernan to the ground with his great axe. Seeing this Charlie runs away into the forest while Dlarun runs to the tent. Dlarun sees Tamara’s lifeless form on a cot in the tent and can see that she appears to be heavy with child. Dlarun finds an axe in the tent and removes Tamara’s head, placing it in a sack before he flees.

Kiernan is bloodied and beaten with a savage wound on his shoulder where the axe came down; he rolls over and manages to take a drink of a cure potion which brings him back from near death but the orc chieftan stands over him. Rather than killing him though, the chieftan helps Kiernan to his feet impressed by the party’s abilities. The chieftan wants Kiernan and the others to join him, he believes that with the party’s intelligence and tactical planning he can dominate the other tribes in the area.

Kiernan refuses the offer and instead calls out for rangers that aren’t there to attack which provides just enough distraction for him to flee. Kiernan escapes leaving an enraged orc chieftan and a camp ablaze. All told the party took out eighteen orcs nearly wiping out the small tribe of warriors.


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