First Vollandar

Sixth Session

Returning to Vollandar the PC’s deliver Vincent and the head of Tamara to the Akashic Tower and receive a payment of 150gp which they divide among themselves setting aside a portion to Sir Steele.

The party visits the barracks that Sir Steele provides for his adventuring parties and find spartan accommodations. The barracks amounts to little more than a bay filled with approximately eight beds. There are foot lockers at the foot of each bed, four of which appear to have locks on them while the other four appear to be empty. Aside from the beds there is a small wooden table and some chairs.

They make their way to the Feisty Ogre Tavern where they present themselves to the bartender as some of Steele’s men at which point they are provided a basic meal, compliments of their patron. The members of the party spend some time discussing their pasts and their hopes for the future and then decide that it is time they complete their quest for the Akashic Order and find L’Varr.

The party visits a barracks where they believe they can find Katlyn Hudson, the contact described to them by Lady Kendar. At the barracks Charlie immediately notices that the sergeant casually sitting at one of the tables is missing part of his left ear. This is significant to Charlie as he bit the ear off of a guard that attacked him during one of the cities Purges.

Making contact with Katlyn they find that she is not a full fledged Akashic Inquisitor yet and is currently assigned to the City Guard. She informs them that the watch brought in a petty thief recently and during questioning he had mentioned something about a halfling that matched the description of L’Varr. Katlyn takes the party back to the jail cells where they find a man named Aedman Grife. Though they initially have difficulty getting Aedman to talk, he becomes more cooperative once he discovers that Kiernan has been a victim of the Purge in the past; an experience he has in common with Kiernan.

Aedman tells the PC’s that he was at a tavern called “The Hogs Breath” attempting to fence some goods to a man named Zepher. When was there he encountered a halfling that matched L’Varrs description and he mentioned the halfling had rotten teeth and horrible breath.

The party makes their way to the Hogs Breath Tavern, a wretched dive bar located in the slums of the city. Charlie has another encounter with a person from his past named Claire, a young woman he was associated with who was with him on the night of the Purge. Claire is surprised to see Charlie and explains that she thought he was dead. She tells him that she can’t speak much at the moment since she is working on something for a man named Zepher, but she provides Charlie with directions to her house in Vollandar and promises to meet up with him later.

While Charlie is speaking with Claire the others notice a halfling enter the tavern and make his way to the bar. Kiernan moves to block the door while Dlarun attempts to get closer and try to identify the man. As Kiernan moves in he notices that the halfling looks a lot like L’varr however he has a full set of healthy teeth and his breath does not stink so they determine that this is not the halfling they are looking for.

The party leaves the tavern as the sun is setting on Vollandar. They notice that the streets are largely empty when they are beset by a group of thugs claiming they believe the party has been asking around about things they have no business asking about.


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